It was years into my treatment for Candida that I learned about BioFilms. I learned about them from an MD in Functional Medicine, Dr. Kelly McCann, who practices in Costa Mesa, California, and who knows all about Candida. 

What are Biofilms?  Biofilms are an undesirable protective shield around yeast and other bacteria.  This makes it even more challenging to eradicate a yeast infection or a bacterial  infection because the Biofilm is standing in the way. Candida and other microorganisms protects themselves from being destroyed. 

Dr,McCann is an exceptional Integrative MD, and she recommended that I try a supplement by Klaire Labs called Interphase Plus.  

I would suggest getting counsel from a professional health care practitioner on it's proper use for reducing Biofilms but it did work for me. 

Even though I made a full recovery from Candida by using all of the treatments I have mentioned on the site, I still had a nuisance-like lingering issue.  My teeth.  I continued to struggle with a dental problem on one of my teeth and dentists could not find a thing wrong with my tooth.  It appeared to be a chronic gum infection around that tooth.  It was not serious, it was just not healing.  

Dr. McCann suggested that I try a supplement by Klaire Labs, Interphase Plus,  to test it out to see if I had a biofilm problem.  She told me take one at night and one in the morning, and the infection dried up.  

Even though I have made a remarkable recovery, this tooth continues to want to get my attention.  So I take this supplement on an ongoing basis for maintenance.  I found that my gum health overall  has improved dramatically.  When I go to the dentist for my annual cleaning, they tell me that there is not much on my teeth to clean off.  And when they measure my gum pocket depth, they are in the 1-3 range. I wish I could take credit for my exceptional brushing and flossing techniques, but I have not changed my hygiene habits.  The supplement helps my immune system fight off whatever is going on there.

I do brush my teeth everyday, and I use a Shower Breeze Water Jet.  And I use an organize Hydrogen Peroxide rinse once a day.  

When I spoke with my hygienist, I told her I was taking something to get reduce my Biofilms. She looked at me with surprise and said  "That is what we try to do!".  

Once I didn't get to the dentist for two years and they thought they were really going to have to do some serious work. I noticed my dentist roll of his sleeves to get ready for the cha-ching!  Let me tell you, they were shocked that nothing was wrong and my teeth had very little build up and my gums were in excellent health.  

If you want to improve your gum health overall, I highly recommend!


Kathleen Kalaf, Founder

Certified Health Coach 

​Institute for Integrative Nutrition

​Specialty-Systemic Candida






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