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McCombs Plan Week 3-4 Supply

McCombs Plan Week 3-4 Supply

Product Name: McCombs Plan Week 3-4 Supply

Product Description:

The McCombs Plan  supplements you need for Week 3 and Week 4 of the 16-Week McCombs Plan.

If you want to heal from systemic Candida, join the thousands of people in over 45 countries who have used Dr. Jeffrey McCombs’ time-proven approach to eliminating Systemic Candida. Created in 1992, The McCombs Plan is an effective, nontoxic way to eliminate systemic Candida, detoxify the whole body, and restore normal tissue flora.

The Four Components of The McCombs Plan

All Four Components of The McCombs Plan are critical to your success. Your order will include a complete guide and calendar to help you keep track of your success on each component.
1. Taking Supplements. 

  • Candida Force – A safe and powerful antifungal that eliminates Candida overgrowth from your body. Taken on Weeks 1-8. Dosage: 5 capsules 3x/day, at least 20 minutes away from food.
  • Detox Essentials – This high quality blend of neutral vitamin C, echinacea, red clover, and lemon bioflavonoids supports your immune system throughout the detoxification process. Taken throughout the plan from Week 1-16. Dosage: 4 capsules 2x/day any time.
  • Flora Prime – Dr. McCombs’ unique probiotic has an abundance of 12 strains of good bacteria to repopulate your digestive system and restore balance to your body. Taken on Weeks 7-16, after enough of the Candida has been eliminated to make room for good bacteria. Dosage: 5 capsules 2x/day, 20-30 minutes before meals.

2. Drinking plenty of Water. 
3. Sweating 6x a week in a sauna, hot bath, steam room or Jacuzzi.  Read More>>>
4. Eating according to the Yes/No Foods Diet. 

In This Package:

  • 1 bottle of Detox Essentials (lasts 2 weeks)
  • 1 bottle of Candida Force (lasts 2 weeks)

Healing is a process, and the body takes time to recover from Candida. Each person is unique in how they heal, and how quickly they heal. If you’re committed to your health, The McCombs Plan offers you a bridge back to an optimal state of health and vitality.

If you have questions or would like more information on The McCombs Plan, we suggested getting started with Dr. McCombs Lifeforce Book,, or send us your questions on the Contact Us page.

Refund Policies

Please note that there are no refunds accepted on any opened bottles of supplements. Unopened bottles may be returned within 30 days of the purchase date, with the exception of the Flora Prime. For our complete Shipping & Return policies, click here.

What Do I Order After I Finish Week 3 and 4?
1.     McCombs Plan Second Month Supply (Week 5-8) $130

2.     McCombs Plan Third Month Supply (Week 9-12) $170

3.     McCombs Plan Fourth Month Supply (Week 13-16) $170

$52.00 USD

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