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Oh boy, did I have die off!  What was my first mistake?  Once I figured out that I had Candida, I was on a mission to kill it as fast as I could.  I went on a Candida diet, and I started taking an antifungal that was extremely powerful and I took more than I should.  I called 911 and was rushed to the hospital emergency room.  Of course, when I got there and I told the doctor that I was experiencing die off from systemic Candida, he did not believe me.  It was so frustrating.  I stayed for a couple of hours and waited for my body to settle down and it did.  I went home without much help.

Why did I call 911?  Because I killed the Candida way too fast, and my body could not handle all of the toxins that were being released into my body from the Candida. I was overwhelmed and it felt like my body was at war inside. I was really scared.  But I did not quit.  I kept right on going with the antifungal and I dealt with the die off.  

What happens with die off?  I experienced a worsening of every symptom that I already had.  I was more tired, so I slept more and my short memory got a lot worse, temporarily.  Some people experience flu like symptoms, skin rashes, vaginal itching, acne, headaches, depression or anxiety, and insomnia.

Since I knew what it was it didn't scare me, but the trick is to manage the toxic relief so that the die off symptoms are minimized.

I think of it like this.  Yeast carries a lot of toxins with it.  Basically, I was being poisoned.  That is why you get so tired with Candida.  You are being poisoned.  Also, fatigue sets in when your body is working on healing something and there just isn't enough energy left over for anything else.  I hope you are getting the picture.  

So, when you step on a bug and kill it, think of all of those toxins squishing out into your body.  I hate to give such an ugly visual but I want you to understand what is going on in simple terms.  

So the trick is to get rid of those toxins as quickly as you can.  

Here are a few things that I did to minimize die off:

1.  I got a portable infrared sauna and did a daily sauna for 10-20 minutes. Sweating helps release the accumulating toxins through your skin. 

2.  I took hot baths with Epsom Salts and Himalayan Sea Salt and Baking Soda--three times a week.  Your skin is your largest organ and this helps keep your skin toxin free.  (Recipe is 2 cups of Himalayan Sea Salt, 2 Cups of Epsom Salt, and 1 Cup of Aluminum Free Baking Soda)

3. I flushed toxins by drinking a lot of water--I drank 90 ounces a day of water.  At the time I was 180 lbs!  I had always been 115-120 lbs but I gained so much weight when I suffered from this condition.  You need to drink half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 200 lbs, drink 100 ounces of water a day.

4. You have to go number 2!  No constipation allowed!   

-If you are just mildly constipated, you can try adding Concentrace Trace Minerals to your drinking water every day.  You can add up to 40 drops a day to your water.  This will provide relief and you may also notice your skin will get softer within a couple of weeks.  Trace minerals help to improve absorption of nutrients.  

- I was extremely constipated so I tried colonics.  You can find a hydro-therapist in your geography to make sure you are moving your bowels. This helps many people but it did not help me.  I was really blocked up like cement. So, I tried my next tip 

-    My doctor told me to drink Vitamin C Ascorbate, and there are specific procedures for this:


 I drank Vitamin C Ascorbate for two hours as instructed, and instead of getting relief, I vomited it all back up. This is not what happens to most people.  Vitamin C Ascorbate can be very effective for relieving constipation.  That is how blocked I was.  So, a friend of mine who had systemic Candida years before told me to try my next tip. 

-   She told me to get Dr.Schulz's five day bowel detox.  I bought it and did it and it worked!   She said he is a crazy guy who picks his own herbs.  It unblocked me and that was a huge step in my detoxification process, so if you are seriously blocked up, definitely try Dr. Schulz's five day bowel detox.  Get both Intestinal Formula #1 and #2 to do the full five day detox.  

It was later that a Candida sufferer called me from Australia and was as blocked up as I was.  I told her to try this and it worked for her too.  

And my last tip on elimination is one you may or may not have ever heard of.  I learned about it from a friend of mine who was diagnosed with cancer.  She went to Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, and I later learned about it from one of my doctors in Functional Medicine. It is also known as Gerson Therapy. Ever heard of a coffee enema?  Yep, people actually put coffee up their tushies!  Not only will it clean out your bowel, it will detox your liver and gall bladder and clean your blood.  You can go to the links below to get a Gerson Therapy Enema Kit and coffee specifically designed for coffee enemas by S.A. Wilson.  

Here are a couple of links on how to prepare a coffee enema and how to properly do a coffee enema.  I do them daily, and you will feel great once you clean your body like this!